Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress is something that most of us have experienced at sometime in our lives. One in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year.
Anxiety is a feeling of being worried, on edge or not being able to relax. You may have difficulty sleeping, feel irritable or have difficulty concentrating. Often these feelings are accompanied with unpleasant physical symptoms such as a palpitation, chest pains, pounding heart, headaches, shortness of breath, sweating, feeling sick or a need to go to the toilet more frequently.
We may experience anxiety or stress because of something that is going on in our lives or the underlying cause may relate to past or childhood experiences.
You might not know what is causing your anxiety or how to make it stop. Talking about what you are experiencing in a safe space, where you can talk freely, and being able to think-through together can help you make sense of your feelings and in turn gain new insight.